About Us

handAbout the Burns Support Foundation

The Burns Support Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 1990 and receives no government funding. It was initiated by Sylvia Long who as a burn survivor, realised the need and importance of having a support group.  The BSF relies on fundraising efforts (such as raffles and donations) to continue operating. The BSF is tax exempt as of November 2001. It is managed by burn survivors, relatives of burn survivors and professional staff working for the NSW Severe Burn Injury Service who volunteer their time. The BSF welcomes both adult and children burn survivors, their families and friends.

We know that the emotional effects of a burn may continue to reverberate through the emotional life of the family for many years after the original incident. The BSF aims to be available to help patients and their families through these difficult times.

hand2Our Charter

The Burns Support Foundation’s charter is to provide direct and indirect support and assistance to anyone who has been burnt as well as their families. Support services include a parent/carer support group, a young adults group, a telephone help line and referral service, a newsletter (circulation 2350), and family camps which are run biannually.

Specific practical support includes meeting individual special needs and also the provision of some financial assistance in circumstances of extreme hardship. If you have any queries, please contact the foundation to discuss.

hand3Family Camps

The Family Camp is a major initiative of the BSF. Our first Family Camp was held in 1993 and to our best knowledge was the first organization in the world to perceive the need for family camps and to put this awareness into practical activity. We presented a paper on our camps at the 1989 International Burns Conference in Israel. The family camp has been named Camp Corroboree which is an Aboriginal word signifying a gathering of men, women and children to discuss new ideas, celebrate a re-birthing through initiation, or a coming together to share a common grief.

These biannual family camps provide a safe environment in which families who have shared similar experiences and who have similar needs can meet. Camp participants are also encouraged to take part in challenging activities that they would not normally have the opportunity to enjoy. These activities may include rock climbing, abseiling, flying foxes and canoeing for example. Camp Corroboree remains unique in that it is the only camp which offers the above activities and advantages combined with counselling expertise that is burn specific.

Families and parents come to recognise that they are not alone in their struggle. They learn from each other through sharing their experiences and give and receive emotional support. These benefits are facilitated and encouraged through the group sessions and also through the individual efforts of mentors. Mentors may be survivors or family members who, with support from the Support Co-ordinator, take on the role of helping new participants feel welcome by introducing them to others, encouraging conversation and involving them in activities.

The BSF believes strongly in the value of the camps in the adjustment of burn survivors and their families. This was evidenced in the results of a survey conducted by Cheri Templeton (BSF President) and Sandra Spalding (Support Co-ordinator). The aim of the survey was to assess whether the camps met the needs of participants and what might be done to improve the camp experience for them. The results of this survey were presented at International Burns Conferences in Japan 2004, Australia 2004, Portugal 2005 and South Africa 2005..

handPublic Liability and Risk Management

The BSF has a current Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Continuance and a Risk Management Plan for the camp which sets out guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all concerned.

hand3Your Help

Your help allows to continue providing the care that is needed. We believe everyone deserves the best possible chance for a full recovery, both physically and mentally. Should you be able to assist us in improving services to burn survivors and their families, this would be greatly appreciated. We believe that the personal value of your contribution to participants would be enormous and would far outweigh the financial outlay.

hand2Our Committee

Our dedicated Committee meet several times throughout the year in order to discuss important issues involving the Foundation. Most meetings are held online and a few are in person such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Should you wish to become a member of our team please contact the Foundation. If you would like to access any of our services or would like any more information please contact us by telephone or email.