Mission and Values


Our Mission

Burns scars are a life-long legacy from a moment of tragedy. It is the moment that potentially changes not only the life of the burn survivor but also the lives of family members forever.  All those who suffer burns deserve the best possible chance of a full recovery, both physically and mentally. The Burns Support Foundation aims to provide continuing support for burns survivors and their families principally through the bi-annual family camps.

Picture1hand3Our Vision

In NSW the state-wide Burn Injury Service encompasses the three Sydney Burns Units (Concord and RNSH for adults and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for children) which provide world class acute care for burn survivors.  Public Hospitals cannot, however, cater for the long term emotional recovery of burn survivors and their family members. In providing family camps the BSF aims to fill the gap in public services to burn survivors and their families.

The BSF vision is therefore unique in that our focus is on the long and often difficult period of adjustment for not only the burn survivor but also their family, friends and peers because recovery and rehabilitation for the burn survivor is influenced by the responses to the burn injury of those closest to them.

Our camps bring families together in an accepting atmosphere where they can engage in group activities and also have the opportunity to attend group sessions run by a professional with many years’ experience assisting families with the psychological aftermath of a traumatic burn injury.

Evaluations from families clearly indicate that our camps are both welcoming and lots of fun with many psychological and emotional therapeutic benefits reported by participants.